What Americans Really Want in the Bedroom

The odds aren’t in couples’ favor when it comes to mutual climax. Durex, the world’s number one condom brand, has surveyed men and women across the country to find out what they really think about their bedroom trysts.

The results were staggering, with half of Americans feeling dissatisfied with the duration of their bedroom escapades.  In fact, 37% of respondents admitted that the time they spend being intimate ends too quickly, while 14% revealed that sex lasts longer than they would like. This dissatisfaction has led to 75% of men and 66% of women trying to change the pace while making love.

The 2012 Durex® survey conducted by an independent research firm, revealed astounding results, including the news that nearly half (46%) of respondents believe they are more likely to see Big Foot than “finish” at the same time as their partner. This supports the data collected by the Durex® Global Sexual Wellbeing Survey commissioned by the brand in 2011, which influenced their latest line of products. The Global Wellbeing Survey found that Americans are getting more adventurous when it comes to getting what they want in the bedroom, including using lubricants (53%), adult toys and aids (39%), and rings (11%) to help reach a mutual climax.

“This gap in satisfaction is something that has been occurring forever,” says Kevin Harshaw, Marketing Director of Personal Care at Reckitt Benckiser, parent company of Durex. “Durex is pleased to announce two new products that not only help solve this problem, but also bring the fun back to the bedroom.”

The two new Durex® products, the Performax®Intense condom and the Ring of Bliss® vibrating ring, are designed to help get couples in sync while making love. The Performax Intense condom is designed to speed her up (with ribbed and dotted textures to intensify her sensations) and slow him down (with a heat activated lubricant) to help prolong sexual performance. The new Ring of Bliss is designed for spot on stimulation to excite her even more. These two products which retail for $13.99 (12 count) and $14.99 respectively, are currently available nationwide at select drugstores and supermarkets.

The survey also found that 33% women fantasize about meeting for a sexual rendezvous on the Eiffel Tower, while men prefer the power of the White House (31%). Durex Performax Intense and Ring of Bliss look to reignite the flame closer to home and encourage intimacy since 61% of Americans believe that a healthy sexual relationship makes them a better husband, wife, or partner.

For more information about Performax Intense and the Ring of Bliss, please visit Durex.com or www.facebook.com/DurexUSA, where Durex engages consumers with fun facts, unique applications and opens up a dialogue sexual health, relationships and the power of intimacy. This year, Durex is pleased to include expert tips and insight on these topics from a consulting brand expert to encourage a more open conversation with their users.

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