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Summertime Motivates Weight Loss For Many


Summer is a time when fad diets become the rage, with thousands of people trying to reclaim their summer bodies. Some try with small portion, frozen meals that are laden with preservatives and packed in foil. Others buy the latest, craziest fitness contraptions on the market. Celebrity chef and BODYKEY by NUTRILITE ambassador Jason Roberts  [ Read More ]


A meta-analysis released in the June issue of the British Journal of Nutrition shows that a carbohydrate-managed approach, such as the Atkins Diet, is more effective for long-term weight loss than a conventional low-fat diet.1 The study is the first meta-analysis that asserts that a low-carbohydrate diet performed better than low fat after the one  [ Read More ]

Don’t Let Obesity Cramp Your Style for Another Season


Most people look forward to summer, but if you’re severely obese, active summer fun might seem like a distant dream. If exercise and reduced calorie diets have failed to produce lasting results for you, the outstanding weight loss surgery team at Beverly Hills Physicians is here to help you find out if a bariatric procedure  [ Read More ]

Obesity Is American Issue, Not Political One


On the heels of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s revelation that he had weight loss surgery, a U.S. Congressman from New York announced that he too had a weight loss operation. The Buffalo News reported this week, “multiple indignities and a major health scare prompted Rep. Tom Reed to undergo gastric bypass surgery in February.  [ Read More ]

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is often a Weight Loss Patient’s Best Bet

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With lap band, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric bypass being just three of the procedures currently in use, patients who are considering weight loss surgery are often confused by the increasing number of options available to them. Widely respected bariatric surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz has seen firsthand that, for very many patients, gastric sleeve surgery is  [ Read More ]

Sugar Might Not Be So Sweet This Valentine’s Day


As Valentine’s Day approaches, a recent meta-analysis published by the British Medical Journal suggests that giving your loved one something sugary might not be the best way to show affection.  In the study the authors reviewed 30 eligible published trials and 38 eligible published cohort studies related to sugar intake and found that there does  [ Read More ]

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