Revolutionary New Robot That Helps People Learn to Walk Again After Stroke or Disability to Be Launched at Alexian Rehabilitation Hospital

First Robot of its Kind in a Community-Based Hospital

WHAT: Launch and demonstration of the KineAssist Robot, which represents a giant leap forward in safety and effectiveness for people learning to walk again after a stroke or disability

The KineAssist(TM) Walking & Balance Exercise System, winner of the prestigious international Industrial Design Excellence Award, applies robotic technology to helping patients learn to walk, step sideways, climb stairs and regain the balance, strength and mobility to carry on daily activities. The new KineAssist Robot increases physical therapists’ ability to safely challenge patients in real-life tasks, since it protects them from falling. Fully supported and held in a safe position even if they lose their balance, patients using the KineAssist Robot feel safer and more confident as they build strength and stamina. Its portability means it can be used in a wide variety of clinical settings, even outside.

The KineAssist Robot enables physical therapists to safely perform more intensive and effective therapy, while enhancing the connection between them and their patients. This type of body weight support was previously limited to a treadmill with a harness. The KineAssist allows total mobility and removes the need for therapists to support the patient’s weight, freeing them for other hands-on interaction. It also accurately records patient performance data and reports objective measures of progress.

Developed through a joint venture of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) and Kinea Design, a company of expert physical therapists and engineers, the KineAssist Robot has been in clinical trials since 2004. This new prototype is being introduced at Alexian Rehabilitation Hospital following three years of successful clinical trials.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 10:00 a.m.

WHERE: Alexian Rehabilitation Hospital 935 Beisner Road Elk Grove Village

Alexian Rehabilitation Hospital

WHO: Mark Frey, Chief Executive Officer, Alexian Brothers Hospital Network
Bruce Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Alexian Rehabilitation Hospital
John Dunkin, Executive Director, Alexian Rehabilitation Hospital
Dr. Elliott Roth, Chief Academic Officer, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Dr. David Brown, KineAssist Designer, Co-Founder Kinea Design and PhD Associate Professor at Northwestern University

Alexian Rehabilitation Hospital offers a full range of inpatient, day rehabilitation and outpatient services in partnership with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. It is a member of the Alexian Brothers Hospital Network, which provides the one million residents of Chicago’s Northwest suburbs the most advanced medical care. Alexian Rehabilitation Hospital and the Alexian Bothers Hospital Network are nationally recognized for providing a continuum of care for stroke patients, from screening and acute treatment to post stroke rehabilitation. The Alexian Brothers Hospital Network and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago share a dedication to providing the finest, most comprehensive rehabilitation services for people with disabilities.

Kinea Design is a committed practitioner of user-oriented observational design research. By understanding real users, in real tasks, set in real contexts, Kinea gains a thorough understanding of the terrain before it commences design. Kinea Design believes that its user-centered approach, backed by a proven team of human-machine design engineers, clinical researchers and experienced commercial experts, uniquely positions it to bring technology into practice. Individuals interested in being research subjects in the therapy program using the KineAssist robot should contact Linda Foster at 847-640-5600, x3752.

Matt Wakely
Alexian Brothers Hospital Network

Source: Alexian Brothers Hospital Network

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2 Responses

  1. Jim Pobor says:

    30 years ago I had a head injury and recently I saw your robot on the History channel and was very impressed. Is this for real? How can it be? And would medicare pay for the use of it? I have plenty of questions, first off, would it help me? Can you please send me information?

    Thank You
    Jim Pobor

  2. hy levy says:

    i had a stroke 2 yrs. ago and ive done everthing i can imm paralized on my left side i can walk with a hemi walker. i go to gym twice a week and to swimming pool twice a week when the weather is good my left hand doesent respond. what can i do/ hy levy

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