Parents of Children Diagnosed With Autism Demand Retraction and Apology from Mike Savage

Radio talk show host calls autism a “hoax,” refers to children affected as “brats”

The National Autism Association (NAA) today joins thousands of parents around the country in demanding an apology and retraction from radio talk show host Mike Savage for his July 16 broadcast in which he stated that children affected by autism are “brats,” and that bad parenting is to blame for a “fraudulent” epidemic now affecting one in 150 children.

“Autism is a very serious condition that greatly impacts the lives of those affected,” said NAA board member Lori McIlwain. “Many children with autism experience tremendous physical pain from underlying pathologies, which accounts for the screaming this person callously dismisses. To have an uneducated opinion about autism is perfectly within one’s right, but to earn a living by shock-value exploitation of children’s suffering, while suggesting they should be called ‘idiots,’ is disgraceful.”

While the symptoms of autism often include unusual or negative behaviors, there are serious underlying medical issues that cause these symptoms. “To suggest that these kids and their parents are to blame for autism is just plain ignorant,” said NAA vice president Ann Brasher, who has a grandson diagnosed with autism. “The devastating emotional toll autism takes on families is unfathomable to those like Mr. Savage who haven’t lived with it. He owes an apology to children and their parents for trivializing their pain.”

In addition to a public apology and retraction of his words regarding children and families impacted by autism, NAA asks that time be allowed on the Savage show for a truthful portrayal of autism, its effect on families, and the advances in research that are offering hope for recovery to those dealing with autism.

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To lodge a complaint against Mike Savage, call Talk Radio Network at 541-664-8827.

Source: National Autism Association

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