Act Your Age and Live Longer

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Looking and feeling younger may start with quitting smoking and staying out of the sun. You may even use creams or masks before going to bed in order to fight the appearance of aging. But to truly look and feel years younger, you must stay disciplined every day; however, it does require you to act your age. Let’s face it; you’re not in college anymore and you’re body has changed. You react differently to things that you used to be normal. Looking and acting younger than you are starts with acting your real age. Here are a few tips that will help you feel and look a decade younger.

This isn’t college

Back when you were in college, you’d stay up all night cramming for the big exam the next morning. You’d wake up after only a few hours of sleep, and you feel as energetic as you would if you had slept for eight hours. But now, a decade or two later, you still feel that you can get everything done in a single day. You go to work, run errands, come home and finish your housekeeping duties. You go to bed late and wake up early, but the problem is that your body no longer reacts as it had.
Get a decent amount of sleep; this does not necessarily mean eight hours. Everyone has different sleep habits, so determine your own patterns and try to get the sleep required for you. Your body will be grateful.

Lay off the candy and chocolate

Some women try to look younger by acting younger. They suck on lollipops or other candies. Others just simply have a sweet tooth. But a sugar-rich diet can make you look a lot older than you actually are. Sugar will age the skin, making a dull and wrinkled look. Plus, sugar also lowers your skin’s collagen and elastin proteins, which help keeps your skin firm. When these proteins are damaged, the skin will sag and wrinkle.
Keep sugar limited to your diet; you’re not eleven years old anymore and you’re body can’t handle it. To satisfy your sweet tooth, indulge in foods with natural sugars, such as fruit.

Turn down that inferno music!

Our parents would yell this to us every time we listen to music, and they had a good reason for it too. When you listen to you iPod, even at 50 percent volume, you are receiving 101 decibels which can severely damage your hearing over time. Having bad hearing will definitely make you feel older than you actually are, especially when younger people are forced to repeat themselves to you over and over again.
Use earphones sparingly; if you have the option of listening to music through a stereo as opposed to an iPod, do it. Use the iPod only when you have no other option, such as on the bus, walking, or taking a subway.

Eat your vegetables

Adults constantly tell children to eat their vegetables, but a large percentage of adults don’t eat their greens regularly. In fact, the average American will eat vegetables only three times a week. Because of the high levels of antioxidants, vegetables can help you look younger. Antioxidants are only effective for only a few hours; therefore, to maximize their effectiveness, snack on veggies every three or four hours. Keep sliced carrots, celery and red peppers at your desk all day and indulge in a nibble from time to time.

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